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6 Months!
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This Tuesday Nicole and I spent most of the day as we celebrated being 6 months together. We could argue that we had been together for less time due to my mom’s tendency to take over my life and my time and Nicole’s problematical work schedule. But the truth of the matter is that it feels like it has been more than 6 months and I hope that I could spend many-many 6 months and anniversaries with her. I consider myself fortunate to be able to form part of her amazing life and could not express with words the magnitude of the love that I have for her.

We started our day around noon and cutie picked me up at my house. She looked gorgeous and she wore the same cute black flowery dress she wore on our first date. I wore my usual button-up shirt and jeans outfit so I was the butch one hee. We went to Ooh La La, the same place where cutie asked me out and she ordered a yummy cheesecake that we shared and her usual Dr. Pibb and I ordered an iced chai tea latte but this time the barista made it a bit too sweet for my taste.

After our coffee stop we went to the mall to an arcade place at the mall. We started by playing ice hockey were Nicole cheated because her side was protected by a puck-grabbing side which made it difficult for me to score points but then again I would’ve lost anyway because I was distracted by her cuteness. We played several shooting games, racing games and a couple of those games where you get tickets for exchanging for prices. We got nine and were able to exchange them for a little blue semispherical toy that you push in inwards to place on a flat surface to jump. I was so sweaty and agitated by that time so we decided to leave and went to see shoes in a newly opened store and then proceeded to go to Books-A-Million. We looked at books about running and comics and then found out a New Age section where we read a page of a book called “Sextrology”. It was kind of nice seeing that the book covered male and female sexes and gay and straight relationships. I learned from reading our “Cancer Woman & Virgo Woman” respective section that cutie is semisadistic XD and that I shall make sweetie resonate like an instrument using my hands and mouth on her. I’ve been trying different wind, percussion and string instruments approach on her arm since reading that but she hasn’t resonated yet so maybe I have to improve my technique lol.

Next stop was Babins, the same Louisiana style seafood restaurant we went exactly six months ago. I had Pasta di Mare and cutie ordered fried jumbo shrimp and fries. When we finished eating I gave Nicole a little silver heart locket that looked really cute with her outfit. We then departed towards the Hobby Center where we were going to see “In The Heights” at 8pm. The trip was nice because we took a scenic route (Memorial Drive) and saw lots of people running. Parking was cheap and easy and went inside to get our tickets and enter the building. Since we had 30 minutes to spare we entered a nice empty red carpeted room where we danced (badly XD) and kissed and cuddled.

The Hobby Center for Performing Arts is my new favorite place. The theatre had gender neutral restrooms in every floor that were always available and employees were very genderqueerish with females wearing tuxes XD. After being called in, the show started and we were greeted by sense indulgence. This was my first musical attendance and really enjoyed it. The live music was amazing; the sound quality of the theatre was excellent. There was lots of Spanglish, singing and dancing. The lighting was really entertaining too and featured acts of day, night, sunsets and even an indoor party with a blackout (the first moments we thought it was a real blackout XD).

The show ended at around 10:30 and cutie took me home. All in all, these six months concluded with a great day with Nicole. I experienced a state of euphoria with Nicole when we were at the Founder’s Room and couldn’t even hold my tears away. These had been an amazing six month relationship where I have learned so much about loving another person. I even learned that I could love myself because I am so happy when I am with Nicole. At first I thought that I would never be able to love and be loved until I transitioned or until I was full time but cutie proved me wrong. Usually I hear people in the trans community be mad about their life situation and say things like “I am so unlucky to be like this, why can’t I be just normal?”  They are wrong. Today I can say that I am the luckiest woman and I won’t take things for granted. Thank you Nicole, my love, for teaching me how to live with a smile and joy in my heart.

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Yey for 6 months of loving your cutieness! <3

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! ♥ I'm glad you had such a wonderful time - and I'm so very happy you're together.

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