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HRT and needles
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Ugh I had a hard time doing my intramuscular injection today. I think I was more scared and nervous than the first time I did it XD but I managed well and did it after many many failed attempts. Last week it was so easy and painless but this time it was hard, I guess I was not in the right mind set. Is this normal? The fear I felt was very similar to the fear I manifested when rock climbing with cutie. Tomorrow we will be going in the afternoon, so we'll see hee. Have you ever felt that you had conquered a fear or a phobia to later meet it once again? How did you deal with it?

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Aww cutie I am sure it will all get easier in time. You were talking about that one bad time yesterday so maybe you just had that in mind when injecting so it worried you.

I dread injection day every week it comes around, lol.

It gets easier each time, but I still do not look forward to it. I worry I could screw up or hurt myself.

I mean, heck, worst case for me, if somehow I did it wrong and got ill or collasped, no one would know for a while that anything happened to me since I live alone now.

I have my boo do me, and I do my boo, but sometimes I do myself. It does get better, but even after several years, I occasionally still flinch.

Take a deep breath, choose a good site, and drop it in.

Have you tried sitting down, and injecting into the central ninth of your upper thigh? I've found that to be a good, goof proof place for self-injection.

Yeah that's how I do it, even though I notice that it's easier if I have my leg extended in my bed and after a shower. When I said failed attempts I meant the "One, two, threes" in which I didn't actually stick myself lol. I had been lucky that I have not aspirated any blood in any of my thigh injections, I guess it's just fear :P

yeah. I never have bothered to check for blood. Chances are, it's a small vessel, and not likely to give me any trouble.

It's not fear, it's an autonomic flinching reaction which happens a lil too fats for fear, so you manage it slightly differently.

That said, it sounds like you have a pretty good understanding of it all, and I wish you luck. It really does get better, but you shouldn't see the flinch as a setback or anything.

I hope so! thanks ^.^

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