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 Well, here I am again. I haven't been posting lately but that doesn't mean that I had been idle hee. This week was quite eventful as I had a chance to hang out with iraenicole and ohka15 for the first time. We also had a chance to meet her puppies at her parent's house as she was house-sitting and enjoying a short work vacation. We had fun there, we got to watch Batman Begins, played lots of Rock Band and got a chance to play a long session of Monopoly where I assessed my really bad skills to deal and trade with other players (Cutie is such a greedy monster, but that's OK because she is beautiful). This week was my turn to cook, so after running out of ideas I went ahead and prepared something tried and tested for me: Mexican food. I cooked a Mexican-styled rice with green peas, corn and chopped carrots and prepared a beef and potato "guisado" made with tomato and jalapeño sauce. It came out all right (me thinks :P) but noticed that I made a lot, so now I know for next time. Hopefully Cutie liked it enough to eat for lunch at work :P. Nicole and I went to the rock-climbing gym yesterday. This time I wanted to dress a little bit more butchy so I put on my camouflage crop pants, a dark green tank top and a camo head bandana lol. Still, I had a hard time with my confidence and was scared of falling even though belayed ropes are safe by design. I was only able to complete a 5.8 course all the way to the top that I haven't tried before; I felt good about that one because the beginning looked weird but I managed to move my legs well (it was one of those "wow I did that??" moments). Still Nicole is the amazing one as always. After rock climbing we went to Academy and she bought  a wrist-strengthening gyro gadget. I liked it a lot too so I might get one as I could use a little more wrist strength and coordination. 

I received $100 from my grandparents in Japan last week and after reading their little note, this is supposed to be for my upcoming birthday on September. I am thinking about buying some high-end earphones and I had been thinking about these Etymotic ER-6i. These are a downgrade from what I am used to but my budget is lower now so I guess I should do good with these for now (besides their frequency response balance looks sweet on paper). Earlier this year my brother broke my beloved Ultimate Ears 5 Pro by throwing them with his cello bow to a wall and now the right earphone sounds distorted :(. I miss them a lot because I used to listen to music for meditation and relaxation purposes. They cost me a lot when I bought them and even ordered a custom cable for them. I guess that's a part of his education. He already crashed my car once and broke my nice in ear monitors; I hope his destructive attitude towards my personal property will be reversed after these events. >:(

Next week Cutie and I will be attending the Texas Nondiscrimination Transgender Summit @ Rice University. In addition to improving policies regarding trans people in colleges and universities, it looks like this is going to be fun and we might meet interesting people as well. 

In about two weeks more Nicole and I are planning to go to San Antonio and spend a little mini-vacation together. I am going to tell my mom about it tomorrow. I am mostly certain she is going to be opposed to it, mainly because I am going to leave the house to spend a couple of days with a girl (she thinks of us as a straight couple) and also because of my expired immigration documents. No matter what I am planning to have a lot of fun together. 

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Ooh yey money! <3 You are getting better at rock climbing cutie. To bad you can't go as often I do so you could get more chances at it.

I can't wait for our mini-vacation!

I am glad you enjoyed our time together too.

Sounds like you and Nicole have alot planned the next few weeks. Hopefully it is enlightening, then fun, then relaxing. In that order :P

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